We take pride in producing precise, detailed system drawings that are easy to read, install, and get approved.  When designing a system we look at every aspect of the project to try and reduce installation costs, optimize performance, and ensure that the system can be easily maintained.  According to the EPA “The two most common factors for system failure are, lack of maintenance, and  improper

We are one of the only design companies that takes maintenance in to account when designing a system.  We identify all of the critical components of the system and make sure that they can be easily accessed for inspection and routine maintenance.  When you choose AOS, you can trust that your septic system will 
work properly for the life of your home.

We also offer design services and consultation for engineers and designers that may need help with a project that is beyond their scope of expertise.

We Specialize in Difficult Properties

We have designed systems for sites with limited space, bedrock, shallow water table, close proximity to open water, river bank lots,  steep slopes, expanding clays, soft sands, and every other problem in between.  Working closely with local health departments we have found solutions for some of the most difficult properties in the state.

We have designed several alternative systems for property owners that were denied permits for conventional septic systems.   With several functioning and proven alternative systems throughout the state, our expertise and experience cannot be surpassed.

If another designer can’t figure out how to get approval for your project, give us a call.  If your site requires a pump or is difficult then we are your company.  If your site is easy and straightforward — even better.