The Advantex System is one of the most sustainable wastewater treatment systems available for residential homes.  The patented textile fabric used in the Advantex System allows for a small footprint and superior treatment over other technologies.  After raw wastewater passes through the Advantex System it is 98%
cleaner; so clean that it can be reused for drip or subsurface irrigation.

The Advantex filter unit is 7.5′ x 3′ x 2.5′.  The entire unit is buried except for the lid, which is brought flush to grade and blends in with the landscape.  Advantex is ideal for small sites, or for homeowners who simply want more use of their yard.

Many of the Advantex systems come as a complete pre-assembled package.  This allows for quick, easy, and painless installation.  Many times the installation is as simple as digging the hole, setting the unit, and backfilling.

Advantex Treatment Systems may cost a little more up front than other systems, but they are much cheaper to install, maintain, pump, and operate.  Advantex Systems are designed with state of the art equipment, such as pumps that use only a few cents worth of electricity a day and a control panel that automatically notifies operators of irregular conditions vie e-mail.

The Advantex System