Alternative septic systems are what we know best and the inspiration for our company’s name.  We have been a leader in alternative septic systems and have many successful projects all over the state of Utah.

When a site does not meet the criteria for a conventional septic system, many times an alternative septic system can be used. Alternative septic systems are used on sites with poor soils, water tables, bedrock, steep slopes, close proximity to open water or other site limitations.

Conventional septic systems rely heavily on native soils to clean and treat the wastewater. Alternative septic systems use other types of media such as sand, gravel, or textile filter to treat the wastewater before it reaches the native soil.

The most common alternative septic systems are:

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Alternative systems have been approved in Utah since 2007.
Although many counties allow alternative systems, there are still some counties in Utah that only allow conventional septic systems.