AOS wants to help you protect your investment. A percolation test conducted improperly can result in a septic system that is undersized or oversized. A failed percolation test can make your of property unbuildable. A failing septic system can drop property values and result in expensive repairs. Many homeowners don’t realize that saving a few hundred dollars upfront can cost several thousands of dollars down the road. We believe in only the highest level of accuracy when conducting a perc test, designing a system, or installing a system. When you choose AOS, you can rest assured that your property and investment will be protected.

Why choose AOS?
  • Reputation and reliability you can trust
  • Utah Department of Water Quality Level III Certified
  • Utah Licenced S-390 Sewer Pipeline and Treatment System¬†Contractor
  • National Environmental Health Association Advanced¬†Certificate in
    Wastewater –¬† We’re currently the only company in Utah to hold this certificate.

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